Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: T is for Topher!

Topher has been the fan favorite in Chasing Forever Down thus far. (A.J. is a close second for most) But here's a secret about Topher - I didn't create him. He was a very under-developed character of my sister's who she was "hanging on to" for another story, another time. She just never really found a place for him, so when I asked if she had any "left overs" that she didn't plan to use, she volunteered Topher. I desperately needed names for guys in a surf gang. Topher became Hooligan #3 (and a lot more, which you have to read the book to find out).

Topher was one of the most fun characters I've ever written... because he's very opposite of me. Topher is very carefree and charismatic. He doesn't let the worries of the world hold him back, and he lives life to the very fullest each day. He's happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, and never meets a stranger. He makes friends everywhere he goes. I wish I were more like him. I wish I could send my worries away with the waves. It's much easier written than done, but Topher was a very fun break from reality for me, and I am so very thankful that Emily willingly gave me his shell and let me breathe some life into this beautiful surfer boy.

Who are some of your favorite charismatic, happy-go-lucky, fun, carefree characters? (in books, movies, tv shows, or your own novels)


  1. Omgggg I love Topher! He's way too young for me but, who cares.

    My favorite carefree character is Daryl Dixon. Actually, he's my favorite everything. ;) As for books, I've only just now realized that I don't think any of my own characters are charismatic and carefree... dammit. time to edit.

  2. My favourite character is Alaska from "Looking For Alaska!" She might be a rebel, smoking and drinking, but to me, I have a soft side for her and I found myself obsessing over her from the beginning. She's happy, optimistic, smart, and just has a beautiful personality from what I can imagine. I developed a woman crush on her! LOL!

    Topher sounds like a great character! I have to definitely pick up your book ASAP!

    -Michelle :)

  3. Topher sounds like a great character! I like the name. It's unique. And it's pretty cool your sister just let you have him to use for your book. ;)