Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: Cross Me Off Your List (Teaser 1, Meet Nat)

Teaser Tuesday! I love Teaser Tuesdays because it's exciting to share a snippet of a book with you guys ahead of time, and this is the FIRST teaser from Cross Me Off Your List! It's also one of my favorite moments thus far because it's before Marisol knows who Noah is (because she's not into the whole boyband thing hahaha) but also because it's the moment you meet Nat, Noah's brother. And I am basically the biggest Nat Winters fangirl everrrr. (Then Isabella is probably right behind me... take a number!) So... squee! Enjoy!

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“You sure you want to do this?” Tony asks, glancing in the rearview mirror at Noah.
Noah rolls his eyes but then smiles and nods. “I’m not sitting in the hotel all day,” he says. “I can handle crowds.”
We park next to another black car with equally tinted windows. I’m beginning to feel like I’ve joined the mafia. The driver’s side window rolls down and a gorgeous Cuban guy smiles at us. His smile is worthy of a Crest whitening strip commercial. He sort of reminds me of the guy from CSI: Miami. I look away so no one will notice my eyes bulging.
A blonde guy with surfer hair and bright blue eyes gets out of the passenger seat as Noah and I step onto the pavement. He looks a little less than thrilled to be here. He avoids eye contact for the most part, aside from the initial glance.
Noah begins introductions. “That’s Benji,” he says, pointing to the blonde. “He’s not as high maintenance as you’d think, I promise. He wore that same shirt yesterday.”
Benji flips him off but walks around the car and says it’s nice to meet me, even if I doubt he means it.
“And I’m Tank,” the Cuban guy says. “Well, that’s what everyone calls me anyway.”
Noah eases up closer to me, and I lean in so only he can hear me when I speak.
“Am I crashing a guys-only vacation?” I ask, my voice hushed.
He smiles and half-shrugs. “You’re not crashing anything,” he says. “Plus, I invited you. And you haven’t met the resident diva  yet.” He nods across the other car to the guy getting out of the backseat.
He’s thin and slightly taller than me, maybe five-foot-seven. He wears black skinny jeans and a bright hot pink fitted tee that says Just Freakin’ Dance! on the front. His dark brown hair is perfect, like he spends too much time in front of the mirror to keep it that way. His eyes are green like Noah’s.
“This,” Noah says with a grand gesture, “is my brother Nat.”
He bows – yeah, like a prince – and quickly straightens himself back up, like it’s totally normal to pretend you’re walking through a castle and not an outdoor shopping center.
But then all of his imperialness disappears the moment he actually looks at me. He gasps and rushes toward me, immediately grabbing me by the hips.
“Whoa,” I say, pulling back. “A little forward, aren’t you?”
He cocks his head to one side and promptly puts his hand on his hip. “Oh, no, honey,” he says. “The only reason I’d ever want to get you out of your pants is so I could wear them.”
He points to the scarf dangling over my hip. “I was admiring the scarf-turned-belt – FYI,” he says. “You’re not the first to try that either, by the way, but I will say you’re the first to wear it well.”
“Oh,” I say, glancing down at the scarf. “Thank you, I think.”
He smiles but then turns his attention back to Tank and Benji. Noah apologizes for his brother’s behavior as we follow the others toward the first store. Big Tony stays a few steps behind us, but Noah says that’s normal.
“Is your brother…um…” I don’t want to say the word.
“A skinny-jean-wearing, loud-mouthed pretty boy queer? Yeah, completely,” Noah says, with a huge smile. 

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