Thursday, May 18, 2017

Drenaline Surf: The BIG Announcement!

Is this thing on? I haven't blogged in AGES, and I'm not sure how many people even keep up with me here, but hi! If I'm updating, you know it's for one reason - I have news. As most of you know via social media, the final installment of the Drenaline Surf series is releasing next month, and it's the end of an era.

Or is it?

This leads to my news! My sister and I have been plotting, developing storylines, and creating characters for over a year now for a little project we refer to as "2.0" or 'two point oh.' This, my loves, is the second generation of Drenaline Surf!

I'd originally planned to release this as a serial, but instead, it'll be more like a boxed set. Each 'season' will contain ten episodes (five from one character, five from the other). The episodes will be about 20k each (a long short story or short novella). The entire 'season' will be a little over 200k words long, with 'deleted scenes' (scenes from other characters' POVs as a bonus). As of right now, there's a planned four seasons. These will take me longer to write due to the volume, but you will receive a greater quantity in return, plus little bonus items.

Here is the cover + blurb!

Jake Brooks has one goal - to live up to the legacy his family has created in the surf world. But after enlisting his godfather, newly-retired three-time world champion Colby Taylor, as his surf coach, reality hits Jake like a tsunami. Tour life isn’t just about magazine covers and the best waves on the planet. Being the best surfer in the world comes with a price, but Jake isn’t sure if he’s willing to pay it.
Norrie Garrett isn’t concerned with being the daughter of a local surf legend - at least not as long as there are orcas in captivity and sea turtles in danger. With her favorite conservation group searching for prospects for their internships next summer, Norrie is in high gear building her portfolio with beach cleanups and captivity protests. But when a protest leads to a riot and an arrest, Norrie's time is redirected toward cleaning up the Garrett family's reputation.
As Jake chases the swells and Norrie fights for the swells’ inhabitants, a new arrival in Crescent Cove threatens both of their dreams. If Jake and Norrie learned anything from their parents’ generations, it’s to fight for what you want, and neither of them are going down without a hell of a fight.

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