Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Drenaline Surf Series: The Makeover

As some of you already know via social media, the Drenaline Surf series is getting a makeover. This has been a thought in the back of my mind since I released Rough Waters in 2014, but I wanted to hold my ground and try to gain readers/attention for the series with covers I loved. I do love these covers, and I plan to keep them as the paperback versions for the time being, but just because I love these covers doesn't mean it's best for marketing, expanding my readership, or future investments. Not only are the covers revamped, but the blurbs for books 1-3 have been rewritten and updated as well. (WYA will be revamped soon.)

I've referred to this on social media as "strictly a business decision," and that's what it is. While most people who read Chasing Forever Down do follow through with the rest of the series (which is awesome! Thank you!), a lot of people won't touch CFD because they're seeing it floating among tons of other awesome free books, and it's not the most eye-catching for the genre. I've had multiple reviews and direct feedback that CFD's cover appears sporty or even boyish, and until they read the blurb (which some people don't), they assumed it was about a guy who wanted to surf. (as in a guy MC rather than Haley, chasing his sports dream, rather than what the book is about)

While I love the cover of CFD and believe it's fitting for the book, it's very misleading - in a way that prevents people from even one-clicking the free download. If they never download or read CFD, they're not going to buy into RW, AS, or WYA. That's a simple, clear fact. Most readers have spent $0 to approximately $16 on this series, if you've bought them in e-book format at their highest prices. I've invested much more + six years of my life into this series, and I want people to read it. I want it to expand, and I feel this series deserves that, so if it means going with a more commercial cover to fit in with the marketplace, that's what I will do. I understand why some are bummed over the cover change, but if I want to continue to write surf books, and if I want 2.0 not to flop and be axed after one season, this is a move I need to make.

Thank you all so much for reading this series - whether you came onboard at the beginning in 2013 or just discovered the series this year and binged it all at once. Your support for this series means so much to me! I still remember writing CFD and wondering if anyone would ever even read it because I loved A.J. and hoped someone other than my sister and me would someday. We've come a LONG way! And because I love A.J. and Colby and Haley and the entire Drenaline Surf world, I'm hoping this change will spread these books farther and wider.



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