Thursday, April 4, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: D is for Drenaline Surf!

Today's letter, D, is brought to you by Drenaline Surf, the name of my contemporary surf series. When I finished writing Chasing Forever Down, I knew I'd completed all of the storylines for my MC, Haley, but many of my betas asked about the futures of other characters. My sister graduated high school in 2012, and for her "senior trip"/graduation gift/birthday present, she and I went to Florida for a week in June. During that week, we talked about a sequel to CFD, whose stories were unfinished, characters who deserved more screen time, etc. During that  process, we discovered a character who still needed more screen time, which caused CFD and CFD2 to spin off into another story - new location, new MC, and a few familiar faces.

In marketing CFD, I knew I'd have to "brand" it with a series name. For a while, I'd planned to use "Crescent Cove series" as it sounded beachy and fit the theme, but not all of these novels are set there. Some are on the opposite coast. The only common element throughout every idea for a novel was Drenaline Surf, the surf shop in the first book. It seems like writing contemporary YA makes it harder to gather a following/readership because series aren't usually done in contemporary. However, being indie opens a lot of doors that I couldn't have explored on a traditional level. I've seen quite a few successfull indies with contemporary series and spin offs.

What makes a series worth reading for you? A character? A group of characters? An overall goal that is solved over the course of time? Something else?


  1. For me it's always the character. I buy the next book in a series to find out what happens next to this person I've come to know so well.

  2. It's always character for me, too. If there's one character in a series that I love, I'll read everything in which that character shows up.

  3. I'm a character person. For example, I'm a fan of Jack Reecher from all of Lee Child's books. Your series sounds super cool, by the way!

    Just stopping by from A-Z to say hello :)

    Happy writing!
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