Monday, April 15, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: M is for Miles!


While writing Chasing Forever Down, I realized there was one character I wanted more of - Miles Garrett. But here's the thing about Miles. He was supposed to be a one-scene character. He was only there as a means for my MC Haley to gather information, be disappointed because of said info, and then disappear back into his own life. Miles was supposed to by a random local surfer in a random local surf gang hanging out at a random beach party. I literally grabbed the name "Miles" from a file of recycled names from trunked projects. He wasn't important at that time.

But Miles became so much more. There was this edginess and gritty sand kind of feeling that I felt the instant I wrote about him drinking beer at the pool table. I wondered why he ruined his blonde hair with those messy dreadlocks. I wondered why he was hanging out with a pretty boy brunette. I wondered why he surfed and who taught him and how long he'd been doing it. He felt like someone I absolutely needed to know more about.

So I dug into that gritty sand and learned everything I could. Not only did Miles become a permanent fixture in my Drenaline Surf series but his surf gang, the West Coast Hooligans, did as well. His best friend Topher is an even more prominent character than he is. And I'm so very excited to see more of Miles in the rest of the series!

Who are characters you've wanted more of books (your own or ones you've read)? What made you want to know more? Tell me about them! :)

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  1. Dreadlocked surfer guy?
    Mmmmm... Miles sounds mighty marvellous...

    Writer In Transit