Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: N is for Nicknames!

When I was in high school, there was a common element with all of the guys - nicknames. My friend's name was Jason Barnes, but he was only called Barney. Most times, I forgot his name was Jason. My friend Dustin was Redd (yeah, two Ds). Some of my other friends had nicknames that are inappropriate for this blog post. And some guys called other guys strictly by their last names. Maybe it was just my friends or the guys at my school, but nicknames were a very big part of my high school experience.

In Chasing Forever Down, I only really use two nicknames, and it's tricky keeping it straight. There's a character who mockingly calls my MC Haley by the name "Sunshine." The nickname itself evolves throughout the story as you, the reader, get to know the character who calls her this. The other nickname that pops up frequently is "Strick." This is another name for Reed, whose last name is Strickland. The thing with nicknames is that not everyone calls someone by a given nickname. There are two characters who call refer to Reed as "Strick", and in my final edits, I had to check for consistency with those two characters. I did find slip ups where one of them said "Reed" instead. How awkward.

It's a very realistic element and used in our every day lives. (I'm officially "Nik" at home. No one ever calls me Nikki around here.) Still, this was something I found to be more challenging in keeping consistent within my novel. Who are some of your favorite characters with nicknames (either from your own works or ones you've read)? How do you maintain a consistency with them?


  1. I love a good nickname in a book. To the point you forget the character has a real name! John Green's Radar comes to mind from Paper Towns. Or, The Colonel from Looking for Alaska.

  2. Just dropping by as an A to Z co-host to follow your blog (you don't have GFC, so I liked your Facebook page), so: nice to meet you, Nikki!