Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: O is for Ocean!

What's a beach book without mention of the ocean? Obviously, O is for ocean. I love metaphors, similies, and symbolism, so that's what the ocean will be today. The ocean represents vast possibilities, and I think this is one of my favorite things about being a writer. I can hang out on the beach with surfers, take secret road trips, meet rock stars, go to beach parties, and leave paper stars on piers without leaving my bedroom. (And that's just this one book!)

Books give us so many options, so many endless choices - just like a vast ocean. There are sharks and killer whales and sea serpents who attack pirate ships... but there are also seahorses and beautifully colored tropical fish and super friendly dolphins. There are haunted islands with ghostly ship captains, and there are sunken treasures and beautiful mermaids. You can put any spin you want on the ocean (and your book). You can even have sharks AND seahorses!

Those are the kinds of stories I love - the mixture of sharks and seahorses - the gritty, edgy roughness of a storm on the waves as well as a pink sunrise glazing over the water like strawberry ice cream. Writing (and reading) is a vast ocean of possibilities.

How do you prefer your oceans?


  1. i like how blogs reflect the blogger's personality. your posts are whimsical and adventurous! like ya should be!
    love nicknames and your analogy of writing like the ocean!

    happy a to z!

  2. Ahh... I love reading on the beach! It totally soothes me and thank you for adding this post!

    -MIchelle, hoping one day to become an author..