Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: American Girl On Saturn (per Cortney's request)

Good late afternoon! I hadn't planned on posting a Teaser Tuesday, but due to a reader's request, here I am with a little slice of American Girl On Saturn for you all! I hope you enjoy it, especially you, Cortney! :)

Mom asked us to stay in one of our rooms, the three of us together, until she and the guys were ready for us. That alone scares me. She also told us to wear what we’d bought for the Up, Up, and Away Festival, which is scarier.
Aralie swipes another layer of sparkles across her eyelid and touches up that hideously red lipstick she’s taken a liking to. She blows herself a kiss in the mirror.
I lie back on her bed, much like Emery in the floor. Earlier, Emery said my dress reminded her of a cupcake, so I’m feeling less than glamorous right now. My hair falls around me as I turn to watch Aralie model in front of the mirror. She’s as much a diva as Noah is.
Emery recounts Benji’s lemon ice cubes and how Mom sent Godfrey to the store for more items. Maybe we’re having Emery’s birthday celebration a day early. Apparently we’re going to celebrate it with a lot of lemon-flavored stuff. Eww.
“I’ve got it,” Aralie says. “Say you have to pee, walk down the hallway to the bathroom, and see if you see anything.”
“I will!” Emery volunteers, jumping up from the floor. “Now that you said that, I really do have to pee.”
Aralie sighs. “Fine,” she says. “But don’t act suspicious.”
She might as well have just told Emery not to breathe. That kid is going to be more suspicious than the loser who shot at Spaceships Around Saturn.
Emery slips out of the bedroom, and I watch her wander along toward the bathroom. She walks much too slowly and somewhat dances her way down the hallway. I close the door when I hear voices. Mom said no peeking, and I’m pretty sure all of the guys would rat us out.
Aralie twirls around in her silver and green dress, humming the tune of a Mutilated Arteries song. The SAS boys haven’t corrupted her entirely.
I wait at the end of her bed, where Jules’s laundry is forbidden to be, and listen to anything that may give us a clue as to what’s going on. But the only thing I hear is Emery’s footsteps.
She bursts through the door and slams it shut behind her. Her face is all hyena crazy again.
“I saw Noah,” she says. “He was wearing khaki pants.”
Aralie and I both stare at her, waiting for more.
“And?” Aralie asks, motioning her hand in circles to tell Emery to get on with it.
“That was it,” Emery says. “He was in khaki pants and a polo shirt and looked nice.”
He looked nice? Not weird or preppy or boring, but nice? Oh God. Emery is turning into Mom! I continue to stare at her, wide-eyed, I’m sure. I don’t even know what to say to that.
But it is strange that Noah is wearing khakis. He’s been in jeans, cargo shorts, and swim trunks every time I’ve seen him during lockdown. I didn’t figure he even owned khakis. He’s not the dress-up type, but neither is the sister spinning in her Slytherin-colored dress.
There’s a knock on the door, and we all jump back, trying to act completely normal. Mom pokes her head in and smiles before entering and closing the door behind her. She’s wearing that slinky purple and black shirt that Aralie picked out for her and a pair of black capris. She looks nice, if anyone does.
“Sit down,” Mom says, pointing toward Aralie’s bed.
I sit closest to the headboard and soon regret it. A poster of Mutilated Arteries looks down on me, and even though it’s just a photograph, I feel like their overly-tatted drummer is literally watching me. He folds his drumsticks in an X-shape over his chest. He looks scary. I hope Noah doesn’t go overboard with the ink like that guy.
“I have an announcement via Spaceships Around Saturn,” Mom says like a real publicist. 

Want to know what Mom's announcement is from the guys? Check out American Girl On Saturn on August 29th!! If you want more Saturn, check out the countdown my sister is doing on her blog (Click here!). She's going to countdown until release date with hints, snippets, interviews, and more. And if she feels like it, I might let her host a giveaway. I have tons of bookmarks to get rid of ;)

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