Friday, February 21, 2014

Release Day: Falling From The Sky (Finally)

So, it's release day. I realized I've never really done a true "release day" post. I'm usually lazy or pressed on time. But today is a different kind of release day because this book is different from my other books. Yeah, it's LGBT and has two boys who kiss and all that glorious stuff that some of you may love and some of you may hate, but that's not why this book is different.

This book was the first. It was the book that allowed me to say "yes" when asked if I'd ever written a book. (Because you know non-writers don't believe you're a writer until you've written a book) Until this book, I'd never outlined a novel. I'd never sat down and truly developed characters. I'd never plotted out a real story with ups and downs and conflicts and resolutions. I spent three months with Ridge and Micah, digging into their lives and their story and their relationship. I spent three months hiding away from family and friends, three months of disappearing into my bedroom the moment I was home from the day job just so I could get these words out of my head before I forgot them because Micah never shut up.

On December 1st, 2010, I wrote the final words of the manuscript, ran around like a crazy person screaming because I'd written an actual book, and then I cried. A lot. I queried and cried. I edited and cried. I felt empty and lost for six months before I could even attempt another story because I couldn't live without Micah. Rejection letters rolled in, and queries went unanswered. And at that time, self publishing wasn't really "a thing." It was against the rules, and anyone who wanted to be a published author knew to never self-pub because it was a career killer. (Oh, how thankful I am that things have changed!) The hardest part of rejection was knowing that if no one ever wanted to stand behind your book, it'd never get published. The worst part of the traditional industry, to me, is knowing that you've put all this time, effort, and love into something that may ultimately be trunked because it wasn't enough or it wasn't a good fit or there wasn't a big enough market for it. So Micah and Ridge remained on my hard drive, and I swore that someday I'd make them publishable, and somehow, some way, we'd see daylight.

And now here we are on February 21st, 2014. Release day. The day that Falling From The Sky finally steps off of my hard drive and into the world of being an actual book - a book that people have asked for, a book that people will read, a book that hopefully someone will love. It's a scary thing for this book because I'm taking a chance on a very niche sub-genre, but also because I've been with this book longer than any other. In a way, it's like my first love. No other book can ever be my first book. This book was the first love interest, the first kiss scene, the first everything. And now, for the first time, it won't be "mine." As scared as I am to let Ridge and Micah (especially Micah) into the world, I made a promise, and this is me keeping it.

Welcome to daylight. 

All stability in sixteen-year-old Ridge McCoy's life crashed and burned in the plane crash that killed his dad. This summer-long basketball camp is his chance to improve his skills and escape his problems back home. But his summer plans take a turn in an unexpected direction when he meets Micah Youngblood, the guy who runs the carousel at the local mall and has a reputation for devouring straight boys' heterosexuality for breakfast, alongside his chocolate chip pancakes. 

Ridge needs a way to avoid the guys at camp, whose only quest for the summer is to drown in beer and hook up with girls. So when Micah offers to explain how the ten unique horses on the carousel are significant to his tribe, Ridge takes him up on it. Still, Ridge can't decide if this is a bad thing or not. All he knows is that he hasn't felt this alive since his dad fell from the sky, and as the horse adventures come to an end, Ridge finds himself falling as well – for Micah.

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  1. I am so excited to finally read this. I've been waiting for MONTHS!! I know it is just going to be as awesome as your other 2 books I have read. Don't worry, so many will love and support it too!

    It is nice to see a LGBT book too. It is good to see support for a community that has so much hate swirled around it!

    Never give up and we will get you published somehow! If anyone deserves it, it is you!!