Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chasing Forever Down: The Scene That Almost Didn't Happen

When I queried Chasing Forever Down in 2012, I was met with rejection after rejection. Most never made it past the query letter. After making the decision the self-publish the book, I did one last overhaul to make sure it was where it needed to be. I deleted a word here and there. I reworked a few sentences. I tightened a few lines. For the most part, the book is as it was when I queried. There's one scene, though, that almost wasn't in the book.

Days before I published, I knew there was something missing. There was one more kink that needed worked out. My biggest issue had always been around the chapter 14-15 mark. Chapter 14 slowed the story down some from its fast pace. The chapter was needed to introduce some of the other West Coast Hooligans, and the sponsorship rivalry between Miles & Dominic needed to be established. Originally, this was a very peaceful scene where you saw the more 'zen' side of Miles. If you've read the book, you know it's anything but that now.

The thing with the Hooligans is that they're rough, gritty, edgy, etc. I talked about the Hooligans being wild, and Haley relays that info to the reader for me, but you just didn't quite see it in the book. So literally a few days before publication, I revamped chapter 14. I added in the 'fight scene' where Miles and Kale attack outsiders who want to surf in Horn Island's waters. It's odd how I get so many compliments on this scene. A lot of people seem to love it, and it's the scene that "almost never was."

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