Friday, July 11, 2014

Rough Waters: Behind-The-Scenes Secrets + Facts

Because I love behind-the-scenes secrets and facts, I'm sharing some from Rough Waters today!

  • I wrote Chasing Forever Down as a stand alone. On our 6.5 hour drive to Florida in 2012, Emily asked me all these "What if?" questions regarding CFD (which I was finishing up at the time). Before we crossed the Florida state line, Emily had half an outline written up for a sequel, mostly because she wanted to know what would happen if Colby's parents discovered him.
  • Even after two books, Jace's, Kale's, and Theo's last names are still not public knowledge. (Jace Hudson, Kale Nakoa, & Theo Rowell, if you're curious)
  • There's a scene in Rough Waters where A.J., Haley, Emily, Miles, and Topher visit a carnival. A.J. runs into an old friend, who I stole from another book of mine. It's half-written and won't see publication for personal reasons.
  • The shorts that Topher wears in Sunrise Valley (that Haley doesn't care for) were based off of the shorts Gabriel Medina wore when he won QuikPro on the Gold Coast this year.
  • Haley's "little black dress" is going to show up again elsewhere. And I'm crazy excited for it.
  • While in Florida, plotting this book, I saw a sticker on a truck that read "Never Apologize For Your Art." It felt symbolic since I was finishing a book at the time. I took a photo of it, and I immortalized it in this book.
  • Emily and I go to the Railroad Festival every year, and since this past spring was probably our last time, I worked in the shark tooth bracelet I bought that day (Haley buys it in the book). Emily bought a sea turtle necklace, which her namesake buys in the book. My sister also had her face painted as a green and white butterfly that night, just like Enchanted Emily does in the book.
  • I find a way to plug a certain something into every book I write. This was the plug in Rough Waters. "And here he is, standing in Joe’s living room in ripped jeans and a Sebastian’s Shadow T-shirt."
  • I cried when I wrote the part about Gabriel Medina in my acknowledgments. Yes, I take this stuff way too seriously.

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  1. I love everything about this post! Behind the scene facts are my favorite :)