Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rough Waters: My Favorite Scene

When I set out to write Rough Waters, I had quite a few different outlines. The story changed multiple times before I wrote the first word. And then the story changed again while I was actually writing it. My favorite scene in the entire book wasn't in any of the outlines. It just sorta happened, and let me be honest - the best parts of my books are the ones that "just happened." Shark McAllister 'just happened' and the West Coast Hooligans 'just happened.' They were never meant to be part of the series.

My favorite scene in Rough Waters is a conversation between Reed and Haley near the end of the book. They're in a waiting room, and Reed is telling her a story that he thinks she already knows. To an extent, she does. She's just missing a few details - including one massive detail. In effort to avoid spoilers, I won't name names, but Reed gives her details about another character's life. I didn't know much about this character going into Rough Waters. I had a shell of him, and I had a few ideas about his personality, but I never knew why he was who he was. I didn't know his story. When it clicked in my head, I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to write it.

"There is no amount of alcohol to wash that away. 
That’s why he breaks. That’s what makes a Hooligan cry."

Those three lines are my favorite in this entire book. That scene is the one that made me cry harder than I expected to. That moment brought so many things back around full circle for this book - for the series, even - and I hope, in future books, I have a moment that feels as intense as this one.

Because I don't want to be all gloom and doom and emotional in this post (even though I'm good at that, right?), I'm adding this teaser image for Rough Waters, which is from a much less gloomy scene in the book! Feel free to steal this image and post it on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I appreciate any and everything you do to spread the word for me! :)

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