Monday, August 4, 2014

American Girl on Saturn: Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

In honor of KIDS IN LOVE's upcoming publication at the end of August, I've been reading back over notes from American Girl on Saturn, refreshing my memory, and getting my facts in line. But my favorite part of revisiting an old book is seeing all the behind-the-scenes stuff. So today I'm sharing a few of them with you from my archives!

  • "Bleeding Butterflies" by Sebastian's Shadow was inspired by the first verse of "Blue Burns Orange" by Hawthorne Heights.
  • David Desrosiers of Simple Plan is the reason Milo's middle name is David. Fun bonus: Noah's middle name, Pierre, was after Simple Plan's lead singer.
  • The cut outs of Tate's head on Chloe's and Aralie's bedroom doors was inspired by a nearly year-long battle in 2005 where my sister Emily and I swapped a cut out of David Desrosiers's head between our bedroom doors. Emily takes this memory quite seriously. It's sorta sacred to her.
  • Spaceships Around Saturn was originally plotted as an Australian boyband because I didn't know of any from Australia back then. I made the change to Canada once I started plotting in detail because I wasn't familiar enough with Australia or Aussie slang. Simple Plan is Canadian, so I figured I could use my knowledge from them to keep SAS authentic enough. (Irony: After the fact, I learned more Aussie-ness than I ever imagined from surfers like Mitch Crews, Matt Wilkinson, and Taj Burrow.)
  • I didn't name Milo or Tate. I gave Emily a list with about 8 or 9 names and told her to pick two.
  • In the book, Chloe tells Milo about the time her ex accused her of cheating on him with the guitarist in her favorite band. This was based on personal experience. Apparently taking a photo with your favorite band member equals cheating to some people. :P
  • When I originally plotted AGOS, Noah was the love interest. I just wasn't feeling it because I liked Milo more, so I swapped them.
  • I screwed up a few times in the original draft and typed "Emily" instead of "Emery." When I named Emery, I didn't even think about it being so close to Emily. It just sounded good with Chloe and Aralie.
  • Emery's mistaken nudity scene was based off of something that actually happened when I was about thirteen. Thanks, Emily. :P
  • I didn't choose my bromances. Emily did. She also named them. She might as well have just written the book, right?
  • Tank Rodriguez wasn't in the outline. He was my "organic" thing that happened in the book. I'm crazy excited to write with him in the upcoming books.
  • The SLUT shirt that Benji wears in the book is actually a shirt that David wore in one of Simple Plan's DVDs. It was red. 

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  1. Parts of this made me laugh. Especially the ones about Emily. I am glad Milo was the love interest, he seemed better fit than Noah, though I do really like him too.

    I can't wait for the next book!! This is the book that made us meet and turned me into a Nikki Godwin fan for life!!!