Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Breaking Saint Jude: Love List

I've seen other authors do this - a love list - for their books. I've decided to start doing them for mine because I need to get back to loving my books, loving writing, and focusing on the good things about my publishing career. So there's no better way than to create lists of the things I love most about my books. Today's love list is for Breaking Saint Jude, my upcoming YA LGBT novel.

Jude's voice
Cameron's back story
Levi Griffin because YUM
Max. Always Max.
Broken glass
Dr. Calvert's awkwardness
How Jude's mom is the perfect YA mom
Bottle top belts
Tucker Livingston - FINALLY.
Black cats
The toucan (Shout out, Rachel!)
Scary Terry as a secondary character and not a cameo
Sierra Springs Zoo
Man in an ice cube

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