Monday, September 1, 2014

How You Can Help Indie Authors

With the upcoming release this week, I wanted to drop a few friendly reminders about how you can help your favorite indie authors. We don't have the backing of a traditional publishing house, so we're more reliant on readers than anyone else to help us spread the word.

Buy the book - on release day! 
Why it matters: Most people buy on release day, therefore boosting the book's rankings on the site (especially Amazon's Kindle store). When the rankings go up, books land on lists. Lists give more visibility. Visibility means more sales.

Leave a review!
Why it matters: You're our word of mouth. Reviews *do not* have to be an in depth book report. Reviews can be super short and sweet. "The book made me laugh out loud! So much fun! If you're a reader of YA, you'll love this one!" <-- That is sufficient. I've had many people say, "This didn't sound like my kind of book, but I took a chance because of all the good reviews." Those same people loved the book. Reviews can change minds.

Tell your friends!
Why it matters: Great movie you saw? Recommend it. Awesome song on the radio? Obviously your friend needs to hit up iTunes. Books are the same. If you loved a story, tell your friends and family and UPS driver and post office worker and teacher. Tell everyone who may enjoy it. They may love it and tell all of their contacts too. Word of mouth is the best promotion.

Fight piracy!
Why it matters: If you see someone asking for free copies or where they can download it for free, SPEAK UP. Let them know, politely, that this is illegal, how it hurts the author, etc. Provide them with buy links. If nothing else, tell them that illegal downloads are loaded with viruses or something. In this case, I think it's okay to lie. (And if you see MY books on piracy sites, please let me know.)

Always, buy more books! :)
Why this matters: Authors don't normally set out to be a one-book wonder or one-series wonder. Support the author. Buy their other books. You may not like them, but give them a chance. You never know if you don't try. Authors usually want to make a career out of their writing/passion. Support their career and help them reach their dreams. You really do have the power.

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