Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kids In Love: Behind-The-Scenes Secrets and Facts Part 1

As always, it's time to share some behind-the-scenes secrets and facts about Kids In Love. This is one of my favorite things to blog about after releasing a book, and from what you guys have told me, you seem to enjoy it too. There were actually quite a few things to share about Kids In Love, so I'm sharing half of them today and the other half tomorrow! Enjoy!

  • Claudia was originally named Reagan, but I want to use the name "Rae" elsewhere in the series, so I asked for suggestions to rename her. I chose Claudia from a list that Isabella sent me.
  • Darby's dad works for Ocean Blast Energy, which you're very familiar with if you've read my Drenaline Surf books. (If you haven't, what's wrong with you!?) That 'surfer with dreadlocks' who her dad hates is none other than one of our favorite Hooligans, Miles Garrett.
  • In one scene, Darby wears a blue tube top with the beach scene on the front. Emily owns this in real life.
  • Sunrise Valley, California, is a fictional surf town in my Drenaline Surf series. It was introduced in Rough Waters (DS, #2). Sunrise Valley will actually have its own series spin off from Drenaline Surf.
  • Tate's sisters are named after my blogger BFFs Amber & Kristalyn.
  • Maggie will probably be known as "Darby's sister" for all of you, but for me, she always has been and always will be "Jude's dad's assistant." Darby needed an older sister, and I like crossover, so I grabbed Maggie from Breaking Saint Jude.
  • Sierra Springs (where Maggie lives) is the setting of Breaking Saint Jude.
  • Maxel is a thing because Emily wanted it to be. There are actually perks to being the author's sister. You pretty much get what you want.
  • The song that Milo wrote about Chloe during lockdown is (appropriately) titled "American Girl on Saturn." The Saturn series' titles are based off songs/lyrics, and I hate that AGOS wasn't. So now it's a song. 


  1. I LOVED reading this! I loved picking up all the plugs from the other books! I can't wait to read about Maggie in Breaking Saint Jude!!

  2. I love all the crossovers in your books!!

    ~ Yvonne