Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kids In Love: Behind-The-Scenes Secrets and Facts Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of the secrets behind Kids In Love!

  • Aralie borrows the purple and black Sebastian’s Shadow jacket from Chloe in KIL. This was based off my purple/black Hawthorne Heights jacket. 
  • When I needed to name Tate's bodyguard, I asked for suggestions on Facebook. One of my readers mentioned Axel. In an old story, that is now the book known as Chasing Forever Down, Vin's character was originally named Axel, so I went with it. 
  • I try to censor my Saturn series more than my other books due to having some younger readers. However, there is one F-bomb in Kids in Love because Jules Rossi wouldn't let me delete it.
  • "After flunking out, he pursued a career in professional boxing but went down to some guy they call The Dragon." The Dragon is a character in another work of mine. Emily's borrowed him before too, but he always has a different name. He's mentioned in Rough Waters if you pay attention.
  • Apparently I have a thing for letting my characters buy candy. Tate does this a lot, just like Micah in Falling From The Sky.
  • In the trampoline scene, there's mention of a possible constellation that looks like a seagull. I stole this from Behind The Wooden Door by my amazing sister Emily Godwin.
  • I don't like to have characters with similar names, but I goofed up twice with this series. Claudia and Chloe both have the CL- sound, which will make for interesting conversations later. I should've caught this one.
  • Also, Noah's name is similar to Nolan, who is in Sebastian's Shadow. I especially hate this similarity, but Nolan was named long before Noah, and I refused to change it.
  • 'Shine On' is the name of the nail polish color that Maggie and Darby use in the book. "Shine on" is a lyric that Casey screams in 'The Transition' by Hawthorne Heights. This lyric once meant the world to me. 
  • Isabella’s Vinyl is named after my favorite fangirl, Isabella aka thegrandesong on Twitter. This book is also dedicated to her, and I couldn't have done it without her. She put up with my crazy e-mails and thousands of fandom questions. Everyone say, "thank you, Isabella!"
  • That guy with Aralie at the acoustic show? Yeah, you'll see him again. He's important.
  • I listened to Hawthorne Heights throughout nearly my entire Kids In Love experience to keep me sane while writing a character who was so out of my element. 

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