Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kids In Love: Release Day (Better Late Than Never)

Better a week-ish later than never, yes? Thank you all for being patient with me as I got this book prepped for publication. I expected my week in Florida to provide some time to get ahead on the pub process, but in reality, it set me behind a week. But they're here - Darby & Tate are live! If you're interested in the buy links and book details, skip down below the cover image and ignore the rambling that is about to take place here.

This book killed me. This was the hardest book I've ever written, and that's saying a lot because Chasing Forever Down was a year-long nightmare of writing. The difference in CFD and KIL, though, is that I loved CFD. I loved the storyline and the characters and immersing myself in that world. I was determined to finish CFD for me, no matter how much my day job was killing me and taking away all of my time.

KIL, on the other hand, was torture. It's ironic that it was so stressful to write because it's a NOVELLA. It's not even an actual full-on novel. Nothing went as planned, though. Darby is nothing like my notes, my hopes, or how I planned. I've had to revamp the entire series because she just... isn't cooperative. If you follow me on Twitter, you know very well that Darby & I are very much at odds. There are elements that I like about this novella. I wasn't much of a Tate fan with AGOS, and I really enjoyed him in this book. I'm excited to see more of him and write more with him. He turned out waaaay better than I ever thought he would. I guess he has to overcompensate for Darby.

I've never written a main character who I disconnected from this much. After reading the finished product, the book wasn't nearly as awful as I'd originally thought, but my lack of connection with Darby still exists. I don't think it's the book's fault. I don't even blame myself really. Sometimes you just don't click with people. Sometimes you do. Darby was one of those people I didn't click with. I'm not sure if it's because she's sixteen and a little self-absorbed or if it's because her level of fangirl is different than my level of fangirl. Whatever it was, it made this book incredibly hard to write. It's hard to find someone's voice and remain consistent when you have no desire to be her and in her shoes. However, I do feel accomplished to have fought through this and produced a final product, which I didn't think was possible about halfway through the process.

If I've learned anything from this novella, it's that I'll never write for anyone other than myself ever again. Writing is supposed to be fun. Writing should be something that makes me happy. You guys read to escape reality. I write to escape. With KIL, I wanted to come back to reality because it wasn't fun. A novella should not ever make an author cry every time she opens her Word document. I'll never let myself reach that point again with a book I'm writing.

But this post isn't all gloom and doom and 'unhappy author.' I do hope you guys enjoy this book. I hope you feel the feelings I didn't. I hope you relate to Darby in some way, even though she has her self-absorbed sixteen-year-old girl moments. I hope you love Tate and want to hang out with the band. I seriously hope you get *something* out of it so it'll all be worth it. I hate that this isn't an excited release day post, but I promised myself I'd be honest with each book. Honestly, I'm excited that it's over LOL.

Now, I'll leave you with Darby & Tate, and you can make your own conclusions about this book.

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As one of the original Saturnites, Darby McMillon has been a longtime face of the fandom. From the days when the boys were just a YouTube band trying to gain fans up through their recent lockdown, Darby's channel - Darby's Daily Dose of Drama - was the "go to" spot for all things Spaceships Around Saturn.

Until now, she's been trusted by most and envied by few, but her meet up with SAS girlfriend Chloe Branson shakes Darby's world. She learns quickly that when you're with the band, everything isn't always red carpets and music videos.

And the closer she gets to her SAS crush Tate Kingsley, the closer she comes to losing her Saturnite status forever.

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