Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Five: Meet The Brotherhood

For today's Friday Five, I'm giving you an extremely brief early introduction to the five guys who make up the "brotherhood" in Breaking Saint Jude. Now, I'll admit - these guys are a little messed up. But they have been my favorite cast to write with thus far. As much as I love the Hooligans and the Drenaline Surf characters, these guys are just a little more up my alley. They're very fitting of a Nikki book, and I wish I could write tons of awesome guys just like them. So now, I'd like to introduce to you the 5 members with 5 phrases that describe them perfectly.

Tucker Livingston
Graffiti artist. Truck driver. Carcass collector. Chain smoker. Absolute badass. 

Caleb Fisher
Hacker. Keeper of secrets. The mysterious one. Porn provider. The brains of all operations. 

Terry Brantley
Stoner. Dealer. Electrician. Good intentions. Bad example.

Max Rangel
Lover of all things vintage. Walking tragedy. Musician. Master of hidden talents. Old school. 

Levi Griffin
Tattooed. Drummer. Taxidermist. Won't grow up. Possible werewolf. 

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