Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Indie Life: Why Reviews Matter

You know that moment when you finish reading a book and your emotions are on overload and you can't even think straight because OMG THAT BOOK?

It's a special moment. I've only had a handful of them in my lifetime, but I know you more frequent readers have had many upon many. And even when your brain is mush in the form of fangirlisms, you know right then that you have to tell everyone you know to read this book.

That's where reviews come in. I think some people can be intimidated by reviews. I personally am. When I see book bloggers spill all their feelings and give you intricate details of how beautiful a book is, I don't even want to sit down and write a paragraph because I feel like maybe my review won't even matter. After all, I just can't do it like a book blogger.

Then I realized - while hanging out on the other side in authorland - that it doesn't matter. Here's what reviews do:

1) Spreads the word about the book
2) Helps the author
3) Makes the book look more legit (sadly, yeah)
4) Gives other readers insight to gauge if they'd want to read this book

I cannot tell you how many times people have said that American Girl on Saturn sounded silly or immature or unlike anything they'd ever read... BUT they gave it a chance "because there were so many good reviews that I had to see for myself." If you guys hadn't taken the time to share your love - whether it's a one-liner or five paragraphs - those people wouldn't have bought my book! They wouldn't have turned around and reviewed it as well!

The more reviews a book has, especially on Amazon, the more likely someone is to one-click it themselves. Amazon gives more visibility to books with more reviews. By reviewing, you're spreading the word. You're helping the author. You're helping other readers. So please, by all means, if you love a book, review it.

And don't worry about the review. I received a 5 star review on my favorite published book just this week. It says this: "I loved every single thing about this book. EVERY SINGLE THING" That's it. That's the entire review. And IT MADE MY DAY.

Your thoughts matter. Your reviews matter.

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