Sunday, January 25, 2015

Breaking Saint Jude: Behind-The-Scenes Secrets and Facts

Since I do this with every book, I'm going to see if I can come up with some "behind the scenes" secrets and facts about Breaking Saint Jude that I haven't already told you guys. (I feel like I've told most of them along the way.)

  • This book was my NaNoWriMo project in 2011. I was in the middle of writing Chasing Forever Down and was stuck, so I took a break during November and began this one.
  • I wanted to write this book after seeing sickening pics of large game hunting kills in Africa. I absolutely love giraffes, and in my internet readings, I stumbled across a website of a reservation in Africa that raises exotic animals for kill. It was sort of like a trainwreck - you don't want to see it but you can't look away.
  • Tucker Livingston was the very first character I ever created. I was 12, and he was based off this thug who worked for my dad. He appears across many of my books, even if it's in a hidden mention. He was in Falling From The Sky as a minor character.
  • Jude has a pet - a black cat named Hawthorne. No need to explain.
  • Jude has the best parents I've ever written in a YA novel. The Branson parents are NOTHING compared to them.
  • There's a scene between Jude and his dad that happens on a rooftop. It's near the end of the book. Jude's dad actually uses my tagline (see image below) for the book. I was determined to have a conversation between Jude & Max where Max used the tagline, but I couldn't make it work, and I desperately wanted it somewhere in the actual novel. Luckily, Dr. Calvert pulled through for me, and I don't think it would've sounded better from any other character. <3

  • This is the 2nd most "Nikki" book I've written. The first is one I call #CircusStory, which isn't finished and will probably never be published.
  • Scary Terry was based on a real person. He cameo'd in #FFTS and #RoughWaters. You can read the story about him here.
  • I have no idea how you pronounce Dr. Sonaht's name. I actually took a character from my sister's book (Behind the Wooden Door), King Thanos, and spelled Thanos backward. It looked legit, so I rolled with it.
  • Caleb Fisher is another character I recycled from a trashed WIP. He's so much better in this book. Originally he was all quiet and a pushover. Here, he's a mysterious computer hacker.
  • Levi Griffin is one of my favorite characters I've ever written. He was a complete guilty pleasure character for me. I wish he was real so I could marry him.
  • This book happened solely because I wanted to write about a guy and a polar bear.

  • Yellowcard's "Sing For Me" is this book's theme song. It gave me a reason why the brotherhood formed. I had no idea why they did what they do. Then I heard this song, and Cameron formed.
  • Speaking of Cameron! I stole his name from an ex of my BFF. The toucan also links to him. And the continent of Africa means something. It all goes back to 2006 and some really bad days. We survived. And now we have book that immortalizes all the good things about that year. So obviously the book is dedicated to Rachel. <3
  • Every member of the brotherhood is/was somehow involved in illegal activities.
  • Jude's last name (Calvert) is after my hero.
  • Of all my main characters I've written, Jude is the most like me and my voice. He's also a vegetarian, like me.
  • According to Emily, Max Rangel is the best love interest I've ever written. (I beg to differ because I'm crazy biased and no one comes close to FFTS's Micah.)

  • This is the only book I've written that actually has Halloween celebrated in it. It's my personal favorite holiday.
  • By now, most of you know my "stamp" in my books (assuming you've read all 6 that I've published). This was my favorite usage of the stamp, though. Terry makes me smile.
  • One of my favorite scenes to write was the discussion of Benji from Spaceships Around Saturn. I love crossover.
  •  The acknowledgments for this book were the easiest to write of all 6 books I've published. 

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