Friday, February 27, 2015

Cross Me Off Your List: Teaser 2 - Drama, drama, drama!

It's not Tuesday, but I wanted to update my blog, and while searching for a blog post that you guys might like, I thought... CMOYL teaser! You can add this book to your TBR list on Goodreads or even pre-order it here on Amazon. Have an awesome weekend everyone!

After a hair and makeup fix, I settle back onto the bed and dig a little deeper to see who exactly I’m going to be meeting tonight. I type Chloe Branson’s name into the search bar, and the autofill suggestion surprises me: “Chloe Branson cheating scandal Isaac Torrey”
I know not to believe what I read on gossip sites, but the top three articles were published this week. With Chloe’s angelic reputation (or at least, that’s what I gathered earlier), I can’t help but click on the top link, which directs me to a Spaceships Around Saturn gossip page – The Saturn Sleaze.
“Oh my God,” I whisper as the page loads on my screen. I can’t believe people actually dedicate their time and energy into this crap. Or worse, that I’m reading it.
Longtime girlfriend of Milo Grayson and one-half of SAS’s most famous power couple may not be circling around Saturn much longer! Chloe Branson, one of three sisters made famous by the band’s lockdown last summer, has never hidden her love for rock band Sebastian’s Shadow, and even more so, she’s always vocalized her admiration of lead guitarist Isaac Torrey.
“They’ve been my favorite band since the first time I heard them,” Branson said in a post-lockdown interview. “Their lyrics speak volumes, and no one can touch Isaac when it comes to chords.”
Saturnites were leery of the Branson sisters once their relationships went public last summer (Aralie Branson is in a relationship with Jules Rossi), but over time, the Bransons won the hearts of most Saturnites across the fandom. Still, a few remained suspicious of the sisters’ motives, and recently, rumors sparked again.
When Chloe was absent from a red carpet event due to her work on album art for Sebastian’s Shadow’s upcoming album, fans began to question her loyalty to SAS and to her relationship with Milo. While many fans defended Branson and went as far as to say they don’t blame her for taking a chance to work with her favorite band, the news of Isaac Torrey’s recent divorce shook even the most faithful Chloe fans.

A knock on the door makes me jump. My earrings sling around as I frantically rush to hide Saturn’s sleaze. I hibernate the laptop and silently curse Noah for arriving before I could finish the article. I ready myself with a deep breath before I open the door.
“Damn,” Noah says, looking me up and down. “For once, I actually hope there are paparazzi outside just so they can snap you on my arm.”
He steps into the room while I gather my things and tuck them into a small clutch. I’m definitely ditching the purse tonight. I slide my room key into the hidden zipper inside and glance up to see Noah smiling too slyly for my comfort level.
“What? Is the dress too short?” I ask, re-examining my outfit.
“No, no, no,” he says, walking toward me. “I’m just never the guy with the hot date.”
“So you normally go for the hot mess kind of girls then?” I ask.
He shakes his head and scrunches his nose. “I haven’t had a date since I got in this band,” he says. “It’s always Saturn, all the time. And really, I could have a girlfriend if I wanted one, but with this job, you never know who is here for you and who is here for the perks.”
I link my arm around his and lead him to the door. “Just so you know,” I say, pulling 322’s door shut, “I’m here for the perks.”

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