Monday, April 27, 2015

Release Day: Cross Me Off Your List (Saturn, #2)!

Do you know what today is!? It's JEREMY FLORES'S BIRTHDAY. Happy birthday, Jezza!

And... it's also release day for Cross Me Off Your List. :)

This book has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride for me! I know a lot of you have been waiting for quite some time, and if you've held out and toughed it out with me this long, you are AMAZING. When I agreed to write more Saturn books, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had no clue at all how much plotting, continuity issues, character building, and overall hard work would go into it. I bit off waaaay more than I could chew, and even though I'd given myself ample time to actually write the book, I quickly realized just how unready I was.

Now, fast forward about a year and a half later... I promise you, if I'd written this book in 2013 when I said I was going to, it would have sucked. And you still may hate it. But I definitely know I wouldn't have been proud of it or content with the quality at that time. It took a few more books, a lot of plotting discussions, and definitely some time to make this book what it is now. It's finally a book I'm proud to have my name on. It's the book it deserves to be. It's the story I wanted to tell but couldn't have told in 2013 (seriously, this crosses over with Rough Waters, which wasn't even fully plotted in 2013). I'm happy with the final outcome, and I really hope it turns out to be worth the wait. It's currently available on all major e-retailers (if I don't include a link to where you normally purchase books, search for it anyway - it should be there. Pre-order may still be live depending on your time zone, so give it a few hours in that case.)

Spring break in Los Angeles with her BFFs has been Marisol's driving force to get through senior year. But when a falling out dents her plans, Marisol tucks the broken friendship into her back pocket with her cell phone and spring break bucket list. 

Surf city Crescent Cove isn't exactly LA, but once she meets a tattooed brunette named Noah in the hotel elevator, Marisol really doesn't mind crossing off the items on her list without her friends - especially after Noah offers to help. Unaware that Noah fits the criteria for item #3 (meet a celebrity), Marisol is instantly thrown into the world of paparazzi, wild nights, and a spring break she'll never forget. 

While her friends are making memories in LA, Marisol is making tabloid headlines. But after slipping a Spaceships Around Saturn secret to the media, Marisol has to fight hard to survive her fifteen minutes of fame and get back on Noah's good side before he crosses her off of his list for good.


  1. Congrats so much on Cross Me Off Your List's release! Can't wait to read the next book about the Spaceships Around Saturn boys :D