Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cross Me Off Your List: Favorite Lines

In honor of my latest release, I wanted to share some of my favorite lines from the book. If you have any favorites you loved in CMOYL, please feel free to comment with them or send them my way. I'm always looking for exciting/fun lines for teaser quotes. :)

"Oh, no, honey. The only reason I’d ever want to get you out of your pants is so I could wear them." - Nat, to Marisol (My #1 favorite line in CMOYL) 

"I don’t really care for big muscles, but when I do, I prefer them Cuban." - Nat, about Tank

"Nat slams the door for dramatic effect, and Noah twists his fist into his other hand. His eyes simmer, like a pine tree on fire, trying to decide if it’ll contain itself for the forest crew or spread like wildfire." - Marisol

“Sounds like some sort of reality TV show. Band is threatened. Band goes into hiding with family who has teenage daughters. Romance ensues. Someone should write a book about it.” - Marisol, about lockdown (I think I've read this book...? HAHA)

"Before this morning, he was just the awesome, hot tattooed guy from the elevator who had equally hot friends. Now he’s one of the richest people in the world with a fan base that could easily make my brain explode. Earth is hard enough. I’m not sure I can do this whole Saturn thing." - Marisol, about Noah

“Damn. For once, I actually hope there are paparazzi outside just so they can snap you on my arm.” - Noah, to Marisol

"That’s when I get my first taste of Saturn – someone gasps in the lobby. It’s one of those excited, breath-stopping sort of gasps. It’s the kind of gasp that says you’ve just spotted your favorite celebrity." - Marisol

“Trust me. I can drink myself to death, and I’d still see the things I’m running from.” - Theo

"We may be joining Shark McAllister on the other side before this is all over, and the scary part is that I don’t think Theo cares." - Marisol

"His eyes hold a recklessness that only comes from pain or tragedy, the kind that says he’ll laugh in Death’s face because he literally has nothing to lose." - Marisol, about Theo

"Fans say things like, ‘Hey, I loved your last album,’ and talk about their favorite songs. Fangirls scream, ‘Oh my gahhhh,’ and grab your arm in a flailing panic. Trust me. I know how it works." - Nat, to Noah, about the Saturnites

"I’m the girl who always changed the station before the chorus of their song even had a chance to spill from the speakers. I’ve known him for a total of what, four days now, and I’m flirting about the mermaid on his ass and hoping he’ll kiss me." - Marisol, about Noah

"Unfortunately, he’s straighter than a fifty yard line." - Nat, about Jace

"Shadows move across his face, slowly and beautifully like a phantom ballerina dancing along his jaw line." - Marisol, about Noah

"Maybe it wasn’t their choice to make. Maybe the carnie life is all they knew. Maybe they just bellied up and scattered in the wind like pieces of confetti, traveling to a new land of joy where they could sparkle a little longer." - Marisol, about A.J.'s carnival grounds

"It’s amazing what you learn about yourself when you’re sitting in a rusted teacup." - Marisol (my 2nd favorite line in this book) 

"The ocean’s breeze sweeps over us, calming all of my reservations about being out here. The wooden sign creaks somewhere behind us, but being wrapped up under Noah’s arm, watching his chest rise and fall with his breathing, makes this place feel alive again." - Marisol

"But that crazy look in his eyes – like someone poured pain, anger, and loyalty into a blender and poured it into his sockets – keeps me from going after him." - Marisol, about A.J.

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