Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Always Summer: Secrets Behind The Book

Before I completely leave Drenaline Surf behind me to venture into my LGBT works this year, I have one final post to share because I always share my "behind the scenes" facts for every book, and this one is no different. There are some minor spoilers involved, so read these at your own risk!

So, now that Always Summer is live, I want to share a few other things... starting with...

1) One of my very favorite moments in this book was the arrest - how it happened, who was arrested, the police officer who handled it, and just everything about it. It was the most fun I had writing this book.

2) When I typed the last two words of chapter 19, I bawled my eyes out. Hysterically. It felt sort of like coming home, for me, as the author. Like the missing puzzle piece fell into place, you know?

3) "He is winter meets warmth, sort of like biting into a gooey chocolate bar but realizing there are shards of glass inside." <-- When it's all said and done, this line was my favorite one of the entire book.

4) Crescent Cove's zip code is fictional. I had to create one for the junk mail Haley reads in chapter one. But the numbers are SUPER special, and if you know why, I love you. (Also, it apparently IS a real postal code in Sweden!)

5) I love Sunrise Valley so much that I plan to write a series of stand-alones based in the surf world - with some Drenaline Surf crossover - later on. One of my MCs is the daughter of Liquid Spirit's CEO. Her name is Mallory. I can't wait for you guys to meet her someday. :)

6) I find it crazy ironic that the new store is going to be in an old mechanic shop, given Vin's history. I didn't think about this until the final chapters of the book. I just needed a building with a "shop" and a mechanic shop made sense. Oops? (I'm just going to say it's a sign from Shark LOL - meant to be!)

7) Logan's love for sea turtles is because of my sister. Emily loves them and wants to save them all. So does her counter-part, Enchanted Emily. Therefore, I let Logan share that interest with her. (She influences A LOT of my characters/books/ideas.)

8) The Sunrise Valley Seahorse Memorial Celebration was part of a Sunrise Valley story I was going to write. I borrowed it for this one because it was too perfect not to use in Haley's case. #Solomon Also, I hate that this event is fictional because I want to go!

9) “Fucking chandeliers,” A.J. mumbles under his breath. “You know, there used to be giant tea cups sitting around here.”

^^This line was actually a secret shout out to the first line of CFD.

10) After tearing down A.J.'s carnival in book 2, I had to redeem it just a little bit in book 3 by giving him something back. If you've read the book, I hope you liked it. :)

11) Alston's coffee of choice - a soy latte - is because of that Train song "Drops of Jupiter." (Bonus fact - I was a 15 year old freshman in high school when that song was new.)

12) "Emily stares at the drive-in menu for longer than necessary, especially when I know she’s going to end up getting a plain grilled chicken sandwich and a grape slush." 

^^That line? My sister. 100%. Her exact order at Sonic. Every. Time.

13) "It’s that feeling – that last summer, forever-chasing, there’s hope for the world after all feeling." 

^That line broke my heart, and it's one of my favorites.

14) Pittman's apartment number - 3106 - is the number of the apartment Emily and I lived in while living in Florida. I loved 3106. And I miss it often. So now 'Crescent Cove's finest officer' can live there for me.

15) Caleb, the guy in the final chapter, is from Breaking Saint Jude. He's pretty badass.

Thank you all again for all of the Drenaline Surf love these last few weeks/months! 
And then there were 8! 

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