Friday, February 26, 2016

Before You Go: Behind-The-Scenes Secrets and Facts

With all of my books, I share some behind-the-scenes facts and secrets, so here are a few little tidbits about my latest release, a Saturn Series short story titled Before You Go.

  • Tank's real first is revealed in this book.
  •  Chloe and Emery Branson make cameos, as well as Alston Wright from the Drenaline Surf series.
  •  My playlist for this book was basically three songs on repeat: "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran, "All of Me" by John Legend, and "Wolves" by One Direction.
  •  "Wolves" by 1D actually inspired a lot of the introspection in this book, especially how everyone wants a piece of a certain character.
  •  Nat's favorite flower is the carnation, just like me. We don't care if they're "funeral flowers."
  •  This short story actually spawned some stuff I'm going to write regarding Nat and Marisol. I'm not sure at this point if any of it will see publication because it may not work with the "big scheme of things" Saturn-wise, but it's definitely gotten my creative juices going.
  •  The hot chocolate scene in this book was inspired completely by my friend Isabella and her rants about how people should drink hot chocolate year-round. I even found a way to bring her up in the conversation during this scene.
  •  One of my favorite lines in this story was spoken by Noah. It's hilarious because he has no idea what's going on when he says it.
  •  Nat makes a comment about a lyric in an Ed Sheeran song, and that was slipped in because every time I hear that song, I have to profess my love for this particular lyric.
  •  After publishing this story, I realized I didn't use my "stamp" anywhere in it, and I was saddened because the opportunity was there. Looking back through the book, I saw that I had, so I'm still nine for nine. :)

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