Friday, March 25, 2016

Release: Halfway There (a Falling From the Sky short story)

In preparation for Crash Landing, I wrote this little thing called Halfway There after I reread Falling From the Sky. More than anything, it was an exercise to get back into Ridge's mind and voice and get out of Benji Baccarini's head because Before You Go is still grabbing at me even now.

I sent this to my newsletter subscribers for FREE earlier this month, but now it's live for the rest of the world. (Side note: All short stories under 10k words are free to my newsletter subscribers. If you haven't subscribed and want to, click here. If you'd rather not, they'll be published at a later date than the newsletter for 99c.) 

The thing I really loved about this little adventure was getting to visit Sierra Springs again, the setting of Breaking Saint Jude, and crossing over just a bit in some really fun ways that you'll get if you've read FFTS & BSJ. (And this short story totally spawned a mashup idea that I must write at a later date)

Without any more rambling, here is Halfway There!

Halfway There
(a Falling From the Sky short story)

Ridge McCoy can count on one hand how many times he's seen his boyfriend Micah since summer ended five months ago. Determined to get some quality time in before his last semester of high school resumes, Ridge heads back to Bear Creek for a few days during holiday break. 

But a few quiet days in Bear Creek is the last thing Micah has planned for them. With the new year approaching and Ridge planning to return to Bear Creek for good, Micah wants to seal the deal to make sure their summer is everything he hopes it'll be. 

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